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Tsunesaburo Makiguchi
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Biography Biography

Timeline Early Years
Geography of Human Life
Elementary School Principal
Theory of Value Creation
Buddhist Movement
Buddhist War Resister

Geographer As a Geographer
      A Time of Empire
      The Geography of Human Life
      A Rational Method
      Mapping Possibilities
      Humanitarian Competition

Academic Papers
      Keiichi Takeuchi

Educator As an Educational Reformer
      The System of Value Creating Pedagogy
      Happiness as a Goal
      Life's Values: Beauty, Gain and Good
      Theory into Practice

Academic Papers
      Dilma de Melo Silva
      Kazunori Kumagai
      Andrew Gebert
      Shoji Saito

Religious Reformer As a Religious Reformer
      A Seeking Spirit
      Nichiren's Vision
      A Universal Causalty
      The Life of Great Good
      Challenging the Militarist Dogma
      Detainment and Interrogation
      Letters from Prison
      The Record of a "Thought Criminal"
      Unwavering Conviction

Academic Papers
      Koichi Miyata
      Hiroo Sato

Quotes Quotes

Resources Academic Papers
      Makiguchi Project in Action―Enhancing Education for Peace by Dilma De Melo Silva
      Value Creations as the Aim of Education: Tsunesaburo Makiguchi and Soka Education by Andrew Gebert
      Value Creating Pedagogy and Japanese Education in the Modern Era by Kazunori Kumagai
      Tsunesaburo Makiguchi's Theory of the State by Koichi Miyata
      A Portrait of the Educator Tsunesaburo Makiguchi by Shoji Saito
      Nichiren Thought in Modern Japan by Hiroo Sato
      The Significance of Makiguchi Tsunesaburo's Jinsei chirigaku in the Intellectual History of Geography in Japan by Keiichi Takeuchi

Letters from Prison
      October 23, 1943
      December 17, 1943
      October 13, 1944

Selected Translations
      The Geography of Human Life
      The System of Value-Creating Pedagogy
      The Outline of the System of Value-Creating Pedagogy
      Interrogation Report

Books on Makiguchi

Old Textbooks
      Early 1900s
      Colonial Era
      Before World War II


Interview Interview with Sadako Kaneko

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