Tsunesaburo Makiguchi
Value-Creating Education

Rather than provide knowledge itself, we must encourage the joy and excitement that arise from learning.

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Tsunesaburo Makiguchi
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From an article in the magazine Kachi Sozo (Value Creation)

We must strictly avoid following ideologies of uncertain origin that cannot be substantiated by actual proof--even if they may be the most time-honored tradition--and thereby sacrificing the precious life of the entire community of self and others. In this sense, the question of [compulsory worship at] Shinto shrines must be re-examined as a matter of great urgency. [1941]1

Charges brought against the Soka Kyoiku Gakkai for violations of the Peace Preservation Law

A number of the ideas and beliefs of the group centered on the president Makiguchi are insubordinate and seditious in nature. Earlier surveillance work by police headquarters and the Fukuoka Special Police Division found that the president, Makiguchi, has been propagating seditious teachings among his followers and others, including teaching that "the Emperor is a common mortal" "The Emperor himself should not be telling people to be loyal to him. This should be struck from the Imperial Rescript on Education" "To slander the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren is to invite certain punishment" and "There is no need to pray to the Ise Jingu shrine." [1943]2