Tsunesaburo Makiguchi
Value-Creating Education

Rather than provide knowledge itself, we must encourage the joy and excitement that arise from learning.

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Tsunesaburo Makiguchi
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Geography of Human Life

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1901-1912      Geography  of  Human  Life
1901 Apr 24 30 Leaves Sapporo for Tokyo together with his wife and children.  
1902 Spring 31 Visits the geographer Shigetaka Shiga (1863-1927), author of the noted work Nihon fukeiron (Japanese Landscapes). more>>  
  Aug 4   Birth of second son, Zenji.  
1903 Oct 15 32 Publication of Makiguchi's first major work, Jinsei chirigaku (The Geography of Human Life). more>>

Jinsei chirigaku (The Geography of Human Life)

  Nov 1   Becomes secretary of Meikeikai, the alumni association of Tokyo Higher Normal School, the nation's premier teacher training institute.  
1904 Jan 3 33 Becomes editor of the periodical Kyoiku (Education) published by Meikeikai (until Nov 1905).

With readers of the girls' magazine, Nihon no Shojo (Japanese Girls)

  Feb 10     Japan declares war on Russia.
      Starts teaching geography at Kobun College, an institute for Chinese exchange students (until April 1907).

Commemorative photo with graduates of Kobun College (2nd row, 3rd from right)

1905 Feb 20   Birth of second daughter, Izumi.  
  Mar   Employed as a teacher at Toa Girls School (until April 1907).  
  May   Establishes Dainippon Society for Further Education for Young Women, serving as general manager. more>>  
  Sep 5     Japanese and Russian representatives sign the Treaty of Portsmouth.
  Nov 17     The Korean-Japanese Convention makes Korea a Japanese protectorate.
1906   35 Starting in 1906, edits and publishes Daikatei (The Great Family), a correspondence learning publication for girls.  
1907 Feb 36 Appointed general manager of the publisher of the magazine Nihon no shojo (Japanese Girls).

Nihon no Shojo (Japanese Girls)

  Apr 8   Birth of third son, Yozo.  
1908 Aug 37 Resigns from Dainippon Society for Further Education for Young Women.  
  Oct 18   Publication of the eighth edition of The Geography of Human Life with several new chapters.  
1909 Feb 2 38 Appointed Senior Instructor at Fujimi Elementary School in Tokyo.  
  May 2   Meets Kunio Yanagita (1875-1962), considered the founder of Japanese folklore studies, beginning a period of exchange and collaboration.  
1910 Apr 23 39 Resigns from Fujimi Elementary School.  
  June 21   Birth of fourth son, Choshi.  
  Aug 6   Starts editing geography textbooks for the Ministry of Education.  
      Starts attending the monthly meetings of the Kyodokai Community Studies Research Group, a cross-disciplinary research group founded on Dec 4, 1910, whose members included educator and internationalist Inazo Nitobe (1862-1933) and Kunio Yanagita. more>>

With Kyodokai members, 1922 (far left)

  Aug 29     The treaty of annexation, signed between Japan and Korea on August 22, takes effect.
1911 Aug 40 Conducted a survey of mountain communities in Kyushu (Oita and Kumamoto Prefectures) commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce.  
1912 July 30 41   Emperor Meiji dies, and the Taisho Era begins.
  Nov 23   Publication of Kyoju no togo chushin toshite no kyodoka kenshu (Research into Community Studies as the Integrating Focus of School Education). more>>

Tokyo, early 20th century


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