Tsunesaburo Makiguchi
Value-Creating Education

Rather than provide knowledge itself, we must encourage the joy and excitement that arise from learning.

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Tsunesaburo Makiguchi
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Elementary School Principal

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1913-1927      Elementary  School  Principal
1913 Apr 4 42 Appointed principal of Tosei Elementary School and its affiliated Shitaya night school. more>>

As principal of Taisho Elementary School, 1919

1914 Jan 20 43 Birth of third daughter, Tsuna.  
  July 28     World War I commences.
  Sep 25   Publication of the eleventh edition of The Geography of Human Life with revisions and additional materials.  
1916 May 2 45 Appointed principal of the newly-established Taisho Elementary School (serving concurrently as principal of Tosei Elementary School).  
  Sep 25   Publication of Chirikyoju no hoho oyobi naiyo no kenkyu (Researches into Methods and Content in the Teaching of Geography). more>>  
  Dec 22   Replaced as principal of Tosei Elementary School, serving full-time as principal of Taisho Elementary School.  
1917 Nov 30 46 Death of Makiguchi's mother, Ine (aged 69).  
1918 Mar 31 47 Appointed principal of Taisho Elementary School night school.  
1919 Feb 16 48 Birth of fourth daughter, Kimi.  
  Dec   Removed as principal of Taisho Elementary School. more>>  
  Dec 12   Appointed principal of Nishimachi Elementary School.  
1920   49 Early in 1920, Makiguchi is visited by Jogai (later, Josei) Toda, who had come to Tokyo from Hokkaido. The two discuss Japan's future and educational theory and practice at length. Later, Toda is employed as a temporary substitute teacher at Nishimachi Elementary School.

Jogai (Josei) Toda, aged 17, holding his teaching license

  Apr   Removed as principal of Nishimachi Elementary School. more>>  
  June 22   Appointed principal of Mikasa Elementary School and night school. more>>

"Free meals for children of poor families." Tokyo Yomiuri Shimbun reports on Makiguchi's school-lunch initiatives at Mikasa Normal Elementary School.

  Nov 15     Japan becomes a charter member of the League of Nations.
1922 Jan 26 51 Death of Makiguchi's adoptive mother, Tori (aged 77)  
  Apr 15   Appointed principal of Shirokane Elementary School. more>>

With students from Shirokane Elementary School, 1922 (front row, center)

  Sep 4-5   Presents a petition to the Metropolitan Police Headquarters demanding lower entrance fees for public baths for the sake of the health of children.  
  Nov 19   Attends, with Toda, the first of Albert Einstein's public lectures in Tokyo.  
1923 May 25 52 Publication of the eighth edition of Research into Community Studies as the Integrating Focus of School Education.  
  July 12   Publication of a revised version of The Geography of Human Life in a smaller print format. This is the final edition of the book to be published.  
  Sep 1   The Great Kanto Earthquake devastates the Tokyo-Yokohama area.

  Sep 17   The pupils of Shirokane Elementary School form the Shozenkai at Makiguchi's prompting, to provide relief to victims of the Great Kanto Earthquake. more>>  
1924 Sep 53 Attends the completion ceremony for Jishu Gakkan, a private school set up by Toda. more>>

At Jishu Gakkan (front row, 4th from left) with Josei Toda (front row, 3rd from right)

  Dec 11   Death of second son, Zenji, of tuberculosis (aged 22).  
1925 Mar 29 54 The Diet passes a universal manhood suffrage bill.
  Apr 22     The Peace Preservation Law takes effect. more>>
1926 Dec 25 55   Emperor Taisho dies; the Showa Era begins.
1927 Apr 6 56 Shigetaka Shiga, Makiguchi's long-standing friend who helped prepare The Geography of Human Life for publication, dies of blood poisoning. more>>  
  May   A new three-story reinforced concrete facility is completed at Shirokane Elementary School thanks to Makiguchi's efforts.  

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